Willamette Falls Legacy Project


In an effort to bring new development to a 23-acre industrial site near Oregon’s historic Willamette Falls, planners at various levels of government are overseeing a master planning project. To help brand the project Brewhouse was hired to develop a logo that reflected the project’s core values of public access, economic development, habitat, and history. The planners have creatively employed the logo throughout their campaign to raise support, educate stakeholders, and attract investors.




The falls today offer a scenic view that few individuals, even those local to Oregon City have ever seen due to poor access to the general public.


The falls and the surrounding area have a variety of stakeholders with interest and concerns that were all considered when developing the logo.



With a rich history and unique story, we are excited to see what happens to the project. For more information and updates on the project you can visit their website rediscoverthefalls.com