ULI Northwest Photo Contest Website


Brewhouse often has to say no to certain projects. They can be too small, too large, too designed-by-committee, too “unrealistically timelined”, and a few other things that make us nervous. We however just recently said yes to one with another descriptor that often gives us pause, pro bono. We take pro bono with much consideration because we want to not only ensure that our paying projects don’t suffer but also that the pro bono project itself receives the love and attention our clients expect. This spring, Urban Land Institute Northwest asked Brewhouse to be a sponsor of their 2014 Young Leaders Group Conference by building a website for their photography contest. We like ULI. We like photography. And we love a challenge. So we set a goal to design and build the site in one day.

One reason we could be cocky enough to pull this off was because the ULI representative, our friend Lucas Posada, knew exactly what he wanted. With his requirements well articulated and content well written, we honed the wireframes, sourced the art, designed the pages, and coded all the elements, in time to throw up some high fives to celebrate the fastest website build-out we’ve ever done. It was like a website special ops mission. And it was good fun.

The site is up and ready to receive photo submissions. Check it out. Throw your hat in the ring. Winners take home big cash! http://uliphotocontest.org/