RIP Projector


We watched health-class movies on you in grade school in the 80’s.  We explained how you worked to our younger colleagues.  We painted you pink, perched you prominently in the Brewhouse to show you off, and now we have to say goodbye to you Mr. Projector. You didn’t survive the studio clean-up party.


Happy First Day of Pendleton Round Up

This morning I realized it was the first day of the legendary Pendleton Round Up.  I browsed through some of the images I made there last year for your viewing pleasure. If you haven’t been. Go. Cowboys know how to have a good time.

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The Gluten-Free Asian Cookbook Launch Party


Laura B. Russell and guests at Saucebox launch party for The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen

On Wednesday August 24th the Brewhouse helped one of our clients celebrate the launch of her new cookbook, The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen published by Ten Speed Press. Not only is Laura a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen but she sure knows how to throw a great party.  Saucebox’s Executive Chef Alex Diestra created several dishes from Russell’s beautiful new book and offered them to guests along with several sakes and Saucebox cocktails. It’s also worth mentioning that in honor of Laura’s book, Saucebox only served gluten-free items to their patrons that night. It was a night to be remembered. Best of luck to Laura with her new cookbook venture.

Check out Laura’s Book The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen

Thanks to @ByronBeck for taking these photos.

First Thursday with Thérèse Murdza


We definitely have to do this again.  Having a community of fascinating people in the Brewhouse, chatting about art, making new connections, and supporting Thérèse brought a whole new energy to our space.  Thérèse’s summary, “I was amazed.”

We all were.  Thank you again to everyone who came out, and please feel free to schedule an appointment if you missed the opening and would like to come by.

We are hosting artist Therese Murdza for First Thursday


In our constant push to keep ourselves inspired and awed, we are working with Portland artist Therese Murdza to launch her New Works show.  The Dec. 2nd opening will be hosted in our space, a much more gorgeous space once Therese’s work graces our walls.

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