We’ve Moved


We are excited to announce our new location.

As the temperature has become fridge outside we have bundled up together and cranked up the heat in our new space. We’ve dusted things off, slayed a one-week deadline, discussed feng-shui and christened our conference room. Now we’re ready for you to come visit us and say hello.

319 SW Washington Street Suite 500, Portland OR 97204

We are very fortunate to have some great windows that provide natural light, when it appears.


The Spalding building has been nicely renovated yet many elements of its original character still remain.

My inner Italian Job loves this feature. The original bank vaults have been wisely transformed into bicycle storage. Try to move one of those doors, we dare you.



When we are feeling lethargic from sitting in front of our computers too long we pull out our Walkmans and lycra suits and power walk the stairs.