Realty Trust Website

Real estate brokers don’t typically find it necessary to embrace bold design, but in Realty Trust City Brewhouse saw an opportunity to tell a compelling story about a unique firm. RTC had helped shape some of the most significant condominium projects in the Pacific Northwest offering not just sales services, but also pre-development and marketing consulting to developers. They take an active role at the table building the strategy around new developments. Not your standard broker.

Brewhouse took a modern approach building the site on one scrollable page. By keeping all content easily accessible we encourage users to explore the breadth of RTC’s services. We also leverage their beautiful photography showing it large and not only highlighting individual projects but also the landscapes they helped to shape. With the new design on a fully responsive platform, we like to think RTC will inspire other brokers to be brave and put on a wacky tie, or carry an umbrella shaped like a eagle, or something.